2012 Student Ministry Goals (or Youth Ministry Goals)

2012 Student Ministry Goals

  1. Provide more leadership for students, become more student-led
  2. Find more ways for students to connect & serve within the church
  3. Begin contacts & establishing a public school ministry
  4. Summer Mission Trip & Training
  5. Attend Teen Leadership Conference
  6. Better visitor  follow-up & visitor return
  7. Better orientation for 7th graders
  8. Better Transition for Seniors into Young Adult & Adult Min.
  9. Continue ministry training/mentorship with senior pastor
  10. I had a goal a few years ago to read at least one book a month. So let’s go for 2 books a month this year.
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3 thoughts on “2012 Student Ministry Goals (or Youth Ministry Goals)

  1. i love these goals goals and the intention to lean into better and more effective ministry. the transitions and orientations are the most challenging for me and our ministry context.

    on a side note, i would encourage you to take these goals and see if you can make the measurable. my mentor has been harping on me about this. this takes these goals to the next level for implementation and evaluation.

    have a great year!

    • jeff beckley says:

      Yeah, I totally agree. Measurable & attainable, I try to make my goals this way, but looks like I fell short in a couple of these in measure-ability. Any advice on how I could make these goals more measurable?

  2. […] to cross it off the list.  And man, that is a good feeling.  So let’s take a look at the 2012 Goals, and give myself some […]

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