Youth Culture Update

  1. Teens would rather give up their sense of smell than not have their social networking sites. (53% said yes!)  Can’t wait to hear the result of hearing loss vs. texting…could be close.
  2. Teens would rather have Facebook than access to a car (56% agree with this).  Ever heard of Bluetooth?
  3. What do actresses and teen internet users have in common?  Half of them lie about their age.
  4. Modern Warfare 3 reached sales of 1 billion faster than any entertainment of all time…see ya Avatar.
  5. A recent survey of teens showed that 7.3% had experienced multi-person sexual activity.  This breaks my heart!  We need to talk to our teens about purity, both practically & spiritually!
  6. Take a look at the common topics on girl’s blogs/social network sites:  BoysSchoolMusicBooksTVMoviesClothesBulliesBeautyWeightFriendsParentsChangingtheWorldNewsCelebritiesGames/GamingSportsShopping“ME”.  Moral of the story:  We need to add Jesus to this list.
  7. 72% of households play video games.  How many of these households hold family devotions?  How many of these parents need our encouragement?
  8. 88% of teens have witness bullying on the internet.
  9. MTV…well just read this article and let your jaw drop –
  10. We need to pray for our teens!

(Note:  Many of these articles came from the CPYU youth culture e-update.  If you are not signed up for it, it is a must for anyone in student ministry or parent of a teenager – sign up here)

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One thought on “Youth Culture Update

  1. changeinview says:

    I agree! All we can do is pray for them. I have been doing a lot of studying, praying, and reading lately about “Every Man’s Battle.” Its everywhere and so consuming at that age, and yet its one of those things that never really gets talked about.

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