Confessions of a Youth Pastor I

All you pastors and youth workers out there, what do you want to confess?  Things that have been hidden in your heart that you want to get out there so others can hear you, encourage you, and help you realize you are not the only one.  Hey guess what, you are human, and you are not Doug Fields…so you may encounter some difficulties or feel inadequate.  Now is the time to share.  So, on the count of three, I am going to take off my sandals and jump in the deep end…no matter how cold it is.  1…2…3…

  1. I’m scared of the day when the students see me as old, out of touch, or not relevant.
  2. There are times when I feel way under-qualified to preach on a Sunday.
  3. I still ask my wife if I did ok after almost every lesson.
  4. I write down every word of my lesson for fear of drawing a blank.
  5. I wonder if my kids grow up to be in my youth group, will they like it?

I think that is good for now.  Now it’s your turn…what do you want to confess?  It feels good to take the swimmies off and jump in.  Give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Youth Pastor I

  1. changeinview says:

    So…I would have to say that I agree with everyone of those. While I am currently not a youth pastor, I was at one time. My fear now is that I won’t get back into ministry before I am too old to hang with the youth. You can learn so much from them.

    Secondly, I fear missing the point (which I did) Sometimes we get so wrapped up in preparing for sundays, wednesdays, and other activites that we miss the real meaning of it all. Having relationships with the teens and teaching them through that.

    Good luck! I believe having fears are healthy. Its letting God have those fears that can really allow us to be used.

    • jeff beckley says:

      Amen! I agree. It’s when we depend on ourselves or allow our fear of man to take over is truly when we lose out to our fears. And man, that is something I am constantly reminding myself…relationships are so important…real life lessons! Hope you will be able to find where God wants you, and if it is in ministry, I pray it will be one where you can be used for His Kingdom in great & mighty ways!

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