Power in a Testimony

I recently attended a small youth leader network meeting (that’s a whole other topic, but add those meeting to your calendar if you seek longevity)…and in that meeting a youth pastor shared about an opportunity he gave his students to share a testimony about Jesus.  He opened the stage, and…crickets.  But then a girl came up and shared how she used to be a cutter, but now she has Jesus…then an hour later with many tears and many testimonies later, each story was heard.

Also, during that meeting we each shared our testimony, our story with each other.  God had taken us through different journeys to call us into ministry, to strip us of our pride, to bring us to the cross…what a blessing that was to hear.

Why do I say all of this…because there is power in a testimony.  Believers we have something special.  Something you will hear me say often is that everyone has a story.  But here is the difference we have – our story is about Jesus, and there is POWER in that story.

So use it!  Somehow allow testimonies to be part of your services, your program, your ministry.  Because when you hear what Jesus has done.  Not sure how?  Here are some examples:



I am Second

Nick Vujicic

How do you use testimonies in your church?  Are there other videos that you have used as examples?  And most importantly, what is your Jesus story?  Do you have one?  Maybe these stories will inspire you to have one of your own.

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