Spiritual Bracketology

Can’t help myself, I love this time of year…March Madness.  Maybe you can’t stand basketball and are so happy the madness is over and you get your CSI back on Saturday nights.  Well, wherever you are on the spectrum, I want to ask you, how is your spiritual bracket doing?  Corny?  You Betcha.  Important to think about?  Yes!

Let me explain.  You may hear about brackets that are made for snack food, best restaurants, favorite movies…and the list goes on.  Well, what about your spiritual life?  When you take the top things in your life, whether it be family, sports, God, church, job/career…what ends up winning in the end?  Does God get upset?  Does your job become the Cinderella story and defeat everything else on your priority list?

Try this on for size.  List out your “Elite Eight” priorities in your life.  Draw a bracket.  Now be honest with yourself, and see what usually wins in your life most often…what truly is your priority.  Does God win the championship, or does the enemy team win some upsets?  Is God even the overall #1 seed in your bracket?

Maybe it is time to rearrange your spiritual bracket…especially now that March Madness is over!



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