With many of my friends and family having babies, I posted this on Facebook earlier this week, thought it would be good to re-blog.

Giving Future Faith to our Faith Future

Here are the things you need to know when your wife has a baby…this is for your piece of mind and for your safety.

  1. Do EVERYTHING your wife tells you to do.  If she needs ice chips, get her ice chips.  Can’t find ice chips, unacceptable.  I don’t care if you have to chisel some from a glacier north of Newfoundland…you get ice chips.
  2. Start doing finger exercises now.  Why?  Because when your wife is squeezing the life out of your hands, strength in those fingers is paramount.  As your fingers de-shrivel, you will thank me for the dexterity you built up over the next few weeks.
  3. If ten minutes has gone by without you telling your wife she has done a good job, you have failed.  You will never experience the pain she is feeling in your lifetime, so put your encouraging pants on now and never take them…

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