Compared to Jesus as a Servant, I’m an Ant

Honestly, I can’t even call myself a servant.  More like an ant.  Compared to Jesus Christ, who would wash the feet of the men who would abandon, deny, and betray Him.  Jesus, who died a painful, torturous death for his enemies.  Jesus, who constantly gave himself for those that were cast from society, the poor, the sick, and the needy.  Let’s just do a little comparison.

  1. Jesus:  Washed the feet of men who abandoned him, denied him, and betrayed him.  Me:  I have never washed anyone’s feet besides my wife’s.  Wash the feet of those that betray me?  Jesus wins this one by a landslide.
  2. Jesus:  Died a tortuous death for his enemies.  Me:  Let’s just throw the dying for enemeies out the window and start with – do I love my enemies?  The community, my neighbors, and fans of rival sports teams…they all need God’s love.
  3. Jesus:  Served the sick, poor, and needy.  Me:  Wow.  Boy, do I again fall short.  It’s time I open my eyes to those in need around me, and be a servant to those that are in need, and show Christ’s love.

So you can see why I’m just an ANT, or maybe I’m more like an AIN’T.  God is teaching me about service, and I sure have a long way to go, but I’m glad I have a Savior’s example of how to serve.

What about you?  If your service to others on a daily basis was judged like a waitress at Bob Evans, would you still have a job?  I tell ya, I would probably be told to go wash dishes.  It may start with taking your judgmental glasses off.  You may need to be okay with some un-noticed, behind-the-scenes, dirty work.  You have to start somewhere…even if it is doing some yard work for the elderly couple on the corner, or serving in nursery at church, or writing someone a thank you note every week…it’s time we start being a servant to others.  Remember, Christ + IAN = Christian.  So, without Christ, I Am Nothing.  It’s time we serve like Christ did.  Instead of being just an ANT or an AIN’T, it’s time to be a SERVANT.


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