You are selfish

Don’t believe me?

It’s the reason we have more than one mirror in our house, it’s the reason why ad  slogans like “have it your way” or “because you’re worth it” appeal to us, it’s the reason why we get irritated when the food takes longer than 11 minutes at a restaurant, and it’s the reason why most master bathrooms come with two sinks.

It’s because we are selfish.  Maybe it’s because I have kids now, I am married, or  I am in ministry…but the more I live my life, the more I realize how selfish I am.

Another example, just look at how many times the singular pronoun “I’ was used in that last sentence – 6 times.  Yikes!  Life tends to be all about me, and even this blog article is trending that way now.

So let me just stop talking about me for one second, because apparently that is very hard to do because of my own selfishness.  Let’s talk about the Bible.  There is a reason why God’s Word is full of verses about selfishness…it is because we are full of ourselves.  Each of us need reminded daily to rid ourselves of our own selfishness and start living a selfless life.

You may have heard it said that if all who claimed to be Christians gave of their time and resources, we would have trouble finding places to put all of it.  Churches would have to research what mission to support next, would have to Google where to donate the next batch of clothing, and would need to call around to see who needed help with their next month’s rent.  Now these are the types of problems we should be facing!  Not the problems of how can I feel more comfortable, or what will I get out of this arrangement.

Remember, Chrisitan – Chirst = IAN (I AM NOTHING).  Christ left us an example of selfless love, selfless sacrifice, and selfless living.  It’s time we follow that example.

I know I will go home and look in my 10 mirrors in my house, wash my face in my dual sink, sit down and eat my burger king…and think about it.  How about you?


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One thought on “You are selfish

  1. Ruth says:

    I totally believe you! We can even manage to turn a God-focused verse like Ps 139:14 into an us-focus (i.e. on how wonderfully we are created but neglecting or much less focus on the praising God part). We like to talk much more about God’s love than God’s holiness for we can add gloss to the first to polish our selfish egos while the latter cannot be “world-packaged” and glaringly shows us our depravity and the ugliness of our sin. Interestingly (ironically?), the more we comprehend and dwell on God’s holiness (and our sinfulness), the greater would be our appreciation and understanding of His love – AND the more we will grow in humility!

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