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5th Quarter Party Ideas – Maybe you need some ideas last minute for tonight or your party coming up!

Giving Future Faith to our Faith Future

Here is a free, already assembled kit to build a 5th Quarter Party for your Youth Ministry:

  1. Planning
    a. Determine location – needs to be close to church, need to have students from your ministry that attend that school
    b. Contact School – Find out game prices, locate home game schedule, get permission to announce party at game
    c. Contact Student Organizations – FCA, Student Venture, etc. will all help you get the word out
    d. Contact Speaker – while you may be capable of speaking at the event, your mind will be in a 1,000 places so you will want a speaker (Also may want a band too)
    e. Food & Prizes – Begin planning food donations early, Contact local business for crowd-drawing prizes
    f. Assign Youth Leaders – Assign your youth leaders to various tasks such as Food Coordinator, Prize Coordinator, Game Leaders, Etc.
    g. Draw a map…

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5 Things to Get Ready for the School Year

It’s not like when you were a teen, when you were absolutely dreading school starting.  Sure, there was meeting up with friends again, starting sports or band…but no more sleeping in, going to the pool, and playing until dark with no worries about packing your lunch for the next day.

Now, it is different.  Sure there are some of those thoughts if you have kids in school.  But for those in youth ministry…it’s an exciting new chapter, a whole new adventure beginning, and the chance to impact a whole new group of students.  It’s exciting!  That fall season is here…now what do you need to make sure you don’t forget?  Here are 5 things that may help you:

1.  Update the Roster

This is a bitter-sweet process.  You are saying good-bye to your beloved seniors, and saying hello to the new 7th graders.  Make sure you take the time to update the student roster with the new student’s school, birthday, contact information…maybe even become friends with them on Facebook.

Side note:  Don’t forget about your seniors.  Follow-up with them regularly, especially if you do not have a young adult ministry.  Let them know you still care.

2.  Raise expectations

Another year has passed, and hopefully you are raising leaders in your group.  Raise the expectation of those that are ready – have a student-led praise band, get a student to do announcements, have a student be a prayer leader or a small group leader…whatever fits your context…just don’t underestimate your students.

3.  Launch in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Launch some new series, make some tweaks to your opening night, make this time an event…bring some excitement to the new school year.  Gear up your praise band, launch new studies with video openers…raise the excitement level of what will be studied this year.  Don’t let it be the same as last year.

4.  Balance the Checkbook

These last few months are crucial in you making budget this year.  Might be a good idea to take a look at your expenses vs. budget, and see if your next few months can fit that number.

5.  Don’t touch that dial…I mean…Calendar

Hopefully you have set your calendar of events for at least until the end of the year.  Some may have set it for the whole school year, well good for you.  If you have not done either of these, you might want to update your resume.  Either way, here’s a tip I learned a long time ago:  Set your calendar, and DON’T add to it.  You get in that habit of adding events, meeting times, etc., you will burn out your leadership team, your parents, AND your students.

5 Vacation Ideas For Pastors

If you are in ministry, these are some vacation ideas that I learned over the past few years that have helped me refresh, relax, and re-energize over vacation.  3 point alliteration, what pastor didn’t just love that last sentence?

  1. Unplug/Throw Your Phone – Even if you have an iPhone or the like, don’t take it to the pool.  One, phones don’t like water.  And two, even if you want that high score in Temple Run, you will see those emails get past the 50 mark, and you might not be able to resist.
  2. Choose Your Reading Carefully – I made the mistake of bringing ministry related reading on vacation.  So while I was reading about youth ministry, what do you think I was thinking about reading it?  Big mistake.  You can bring spiritual reading, just not ministry-related.  That was a big help for me to let my mind relax.
  3. Don’t Talk Shop – While there may be major issues or stories you want to share, but try to keep ministry talk at a minimum.  Talk about life, that huge alligator that almost ate your golf ball, how cool you feel when you find a shark’s tooth, and other important stuff.
  4. Family Time – Soak it up.  Don’t allow the computer, having NFL network in your room, or any other distraction get in your way of spending major time and care on your family.
  5. Buy yourself a nice dress – Or shirt, or slacks (anyone say slacks anymore, because I love to say slacks).  This is vacation, so go out to dinner, buy yourself an outfit, go golfing.  I’m not saying to spend like Bill Gates at a Best Buy, but enjoy the blessings God has given you.

Now you’ve read the best blog out there, so get off your computer and go do a cannonball in the pool.

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Sunday Mornings…

Thought this was funny since we all have been there…

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