Encouragement for the Youth Pastor – Part 2

That parent just slammed the door after letting you know how horrible a job you are doing.  That student you thought would lead your praise band next year just got busted at a party.  That event you thought would attract hundreds ended up attracting less students than adult volunteers.

Any of these sound familiar?  Are you wondering if there is any hope out there for the youth pastor or youth worker?  Well, your encouragement can be found here.

2 John 1:4 tells us one place youth pastors can find joy is seeing children walk in the truth.  You see, youth or student ministry is unique.  Oftentimes, you do not see the results right away.  You may struggle with a student, pour your life, energy, heart, & soul into that student and they may walk off to a university only to make horrible decisions.  But, if you endure, if you persevere and stay true to God’s Word and continue fighting for the spiritual growth of these young people, the day will come where you can rejoice.  The tears from your prayers, the frustration of bad decisions, and the heartache over rebellion…that will fade away when that one student comes to you later in life and says “Thank you for believing in me, for caring about me when no one else did, or pushing me to Jesus.   I’m now a youth leader in my church (or I now serve in an inner-city mission or I teach 5th grade Sunday school).  But even better, you helped me realize I need Jesus in my life.  I’m following Him now”.

Those hard times will still be there.  But take heart youth worker, because there will be a day when you find a student on Facebook, or you hear from their parents, or they show up outside your office door…and they are walking in the truth.  And what joy that will bring.

Encouragement for the Youth Pastor – Part 1

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