5 Questions to Ask After a Break-Up

When counseling a teenager about a break-up, there are some key questions to ask.  Before getting to those, there is one thing to remember.  You may not think it is a big deal, but to them IT IS a big deal.  So treat it like the big deal it is, and try to remember when you were a teenager and how much it hurts when someone broke up or rejected you.  That should raise your empathy level to where it needs to be.

Here are the “5 Questions to Ask a Teenager After a Breakup”:

  1. How are you doing?  May seem like a simple question, but if it is meant and felt, it should break the ice when they know you care.
  2. What hurts the most?  This will help get a little deeper and help you know what to counsel.breaking-up
  3. What emotion do you experience the most?  Anger?  Depression?  Pain?  Each of these emotions have spiritual answers or spiritual passages that can help.  Narrowing down your search will help you know where to steer them in God’s Word.
  4. How has your relationship with God been in the last 7 days?  (How has God fit in your healing process?)  Don’t let this be an excuse to find rebellion, let it be an excuse to bring them closer to God.
  5. What can you learn from this?  It is pointless for this young person to go through hardship if you can’t learn from it.  Whether it is an attitude change, response to difficulty, spiritual growth…let this be something God can use to change you for the better…because you either get BITTER OR BETTER!
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