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10 Free Easter Devotionals


Devotion Title: 10 Free Easter Devotions For Teenagers

Devotion Objective: These devotions will help teens prepare their hearts and minds to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. They offer a look at the events surrounding Jesus’ last days on earth. Each day is interactive and will provide a solid Bible-based approach to helping teens focus on each day’s key takeaways from Scripture.

Click on above picture to download the free devotionals.

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STAY TUNED FOR NEXT WEEK:  How To – Easter Egg Hunt & “The Bible” Series Review

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Who Was the 1st Mentor?

god-touches-adam1 Who was the first mentor in the Bible?  Answer:  God.  Yeah, the Sunday school answer would have won the contest.  It’s true.  If there was ever a mentor that we should model, it would be God.  And the very first discipleship process is found in the Garden of Eden.  So how was God a mentor to Adam, and what did He do in the discipleship process?

1.     Spiritual Guidance – Genesis 2:16-17

It didn’t take long for Adam to receive spiritual guidance from his mentor.  They are pretty clear instructions – don’t eat from this tree.  Let that be a lesson to you in your discipleship process.  Be clear in your spiritual guidance, and help those you are mentoring to not make the common adolescent mistakes.  Impart wisdom and guide their decisions.  Should I go to this party?  Is it OK to date _____?  Help them!

Your job as a mentor is to help that young person make decisions.  Partner with parents and help them on the right path, help them use the Bible as their roadmap, guide them in godly decisions.

2.     Help Solve Problems – Genesis 2:18

God saw it was a problem that Adam was alone, and He fixed it.  He provided a helper for him.  Sure, we are not God, and we cannot solve all the problems of our young generation, no matter how much we would like this to be the case…but we can still help.

Help students find solutions to their problems.  Listen, suicide is the second leading cause of deaths in teenagers.  It is the fourth leading cause of death  in ages 5-15!  We need to help them find solutions, because they are finding the wrong answers all too often. Answers can be found in God’s Word.  Some have parents that will lead them to those right answers, others do not.  Let’s do our part as mentors, and help students solve their problems with God’s Word and prayer.

3.     Give them responsibility – Genesis 2:20

Our motto this year in our student ministry is “Student Takeover”.  My goal is to have students take over multiple ministries.  Sure, it will start small with things like:  announcements and running PowerPoint.  But so far it has evolved into leading prayer groups & small groups, or leading the praise band.  We have even taken it to the point of having the students plan and execute an entire Sunday Night youth group by themselves.  How cool is that!  They are learning ministry.  What’s next in the takeover?  Planning and executing a Community Easter Egg Hunt.  Do I help?  I try not to as much as I can.  You may think that is cruel.  I think it is empowering, teaching, and mentoring!

Keep finding ways to plug students into ministry. Let me give you an example.  There was a 9th grader who was somewhat shy.  So, did I make him be the “announcement guy” or lead a Bible study?  No.  I saw his gifts were in technology and computers.  I talked to his parents and mentioned the idea of getting him plugged into the sound/multimedia team at church and in youth group.  Now he runs PowerPoint for the main service and helps with sound on special events.  How cool is that?  He’s serving!

Sometimes all it takes is recognizing a student’s abilities or gifts, and plugging them in a service opportunity.  God gave Adam the task of naming the animals.  Well, that’s already been done, so find something for the teenager or child you are mentoring to do for God!

Who can you mentor today?

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“Love Does” Book Review

Love Does

The Good:

In a word:  Inspirational.  Recently, I have had this desire not to live an ordinary life.  So I picked up to books to help feed this desire:  Love Does & Don’t Waste Your Life.  Bingo!  The American dream of education, job, nice house & things, and nice retirement is not my dream.  My dream is to affect people with the Gospel, to impact people through ministry & giving, and turn people to Jesus by representing His name well.  Notice all these are ACTION.  That’s what this book is about:  ACTION of a follower of Christ.

Enough talk!  “Love Does” is all about loving others with actions.  Each chapter is a story from the author’s life, and he is able to segway that story to a gospel-centered application.  And these stories will blow you away, make you laugh, tug at your heart strings, and again, inspire you.

Proceeds go to help build a school in Uganda.  How bout that for good?!?

The Bad:

There were a couple theological points that I wasn’t completely on the same page.  As you read, there are sometimes where the author uses opinion of God’s view on things and allows the reader to take them as factual.  Also, more Scripture was needed for the Christian principles that were emphasized in each chapter.

The Grade:  B+

Great book.  I was excited each time I picked it up to see what crazy story was next, and how it relates to my Savior.  A must-read for those stuck in a rut, for those that want their life to have meaning, for those that are ready to live an exciting life of following Christ and reaching others.  This was just what the doctor ordered.  This wasn’t a book I wanted to read, this was a book I NEEDED to read.

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12 Steps to Blessings

Psalm 105 is a history lesson of blessings.  Take a look at your life.  You probably could write a similar chapter about your life.  How God has blessed you in numerous ways, the blessings that have come from prayer, come from His grace, and come out of nowhere!

So what are the steps to more blessings?  No, I’m not talking about higher numbers in your bank account or more cars in your garage.  I’m talking about true blessings.

Here is a checklist of your life being a blessing…more specifically a life pleasing to the Lord.  How do you do on these 12 things?  Take a look, and check off the ones you accomplish regularly, and take note of the ones that need work.

  1. Give thanks to the Lord (vs. 1)
  2. Call upon the name of the Lord
  3. Make His deeds known to other nations.checklist
  4. Sing unto the Lord (vs. 2).
  5. Talk about His wondrous works (miracles).
  6. Glory in His holy name (vs. 3).
  7. Seek the Lord with a rejoicing heart.
  8. Seek the Lord’s strength (vs. 4)
  9. Seek His face continually.
  10. Remember His works (vs. 5).
  11. Remember His Wonders
  12. Remember His words.

How did you do?  Did you pass?  If you struggle to find blessing in your life, then maybe this list will help you.

(Taken from 2012-2013 Word of Life Quiet Time Devotional, page 38)

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