12 Steps to Blessings

Psalm 105 is a history lesson of blessings.  Take a look at your life.  You probably could write a similar chapter about your life.  How God has blessed you in numerous ways, the blessings that have come from prayer, come from His grace, and come out of nowhere!

So what are the steps to more blessings?  No, I’m not talking about higher numbers in your bank account or more cars in your garage.  I’m talking about true blessings.

Here is a checklist of your life being a blessing…more specifically a life pleasing to the Lord.  How do you do on these 12 things?  Take a look, and check off the ones you accomplish regularly, and take note of the ones that need work.

  1. Give thanks to the Lord (vs. 1)
  2. Call upon the name of the Lord
  3. Make His deeds known to other nations.checklist
  4. Sing unto the Lord (vs. 2).
  5. Talk about His wondrous works (miracles).
  6. Glory in His holy name (vs. 3).
  7. Seek the Lord with a rejoicing heart.
  8. Seek the Lord’s strength (vs. 4)
  9. Seek His face continually.
  10. Remember His works (vs. 5).
  11. Remember His Wonders
  12. Remember His words.

How did you do?  Did you pass?  If you struggle to find blessing in your life, then maybe this list will help you.

(Taken from 2012-2013 Word of Life Quiet Time Devotional, page 38)

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3 thoughts on “12 Steps to Blessings

  1. The book “1000 gifts” is a good one to read. It focuses on a woman who chooses to make a list throughout her days of blessings and on being thankful. It really helped ingrain me to do the same.

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