Book Review: Do Hard Things (Written by Students)

dohardthings1This is a treat.  This book was read by students preparing for a mission trip this summer.  Each of them wrote a short review of the book.  Since this book is written primarily for teenagers in a rebellion against low expectations, isn’t it fitting that teenagers write the review?  Enjoy their honesty and practical reviews.

The Book:  “Do Hard Things”

The Good:

  • “Loved how each chapter had a story…illustrations…” helped understanding
  • “Good ideas & application”
  • Practical – “gave examples…how to do them and how to overcome obstacles
  • “No two people have the same point of view, everyone is meant for a different purpose”.  This book helps a teenager understand this premise.
  • Inspirational stories of people who “pursued what their heart was telling them to do”
  • “Loved chapter 3” and the examples of teens who were unqualified but God still used in mighty ways.
  • “Amazing, inspiring book”.  “Since it’s written by people close to our age, it makes it seem more realistic”
  • “It shows me that I’m not alone, there are tons of people out there doing what I am to do”

The Bad:

  • Too many stories and too much detail of those storieschuck-norris
  • “Didn’t care for the campaigning or advertising in the book”
  • “Some of things don’t apply to me”
  • “Repetitive.  A drawn-out feeling”
  • “Needed more Chuck Norris.”
  • “Examples were only that of perfect success stories”
  • “TOO MANY STORIES, Stop Bragging”
  • “Barely mentioned God in the beginning”
  • Took me a long time “to actually say the word rebulutionary”

The Grade:  B (Average Grade)

Reasons for the Grade:

  • “Challenging.  Relatable.  Pushed me in my relationship with God.”
  • “Not a big fan”.  Not that challenging.
  • “Only talked about success stories”
  • “Very repetitive”
  • “Good & moving book that inspires me and others to step up”
  • “Very good book, but it hasn’t…pulled me to be a teenager like them”
  • “Really great book and it made me realize our generation does need a wake up call”

(Encouraging Side Note:  Each student was given the assignment of coming up with their own “Rebulutionary Action Plan”.  Let me just tell you, I was so impressed.  The plans they have for their lives…they truly are rebelling against low expectations, and I can’t wait to see what they will do for God’s Kingdom next!)



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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Do Hard Things (Written by Students)

  1. Haleigh says:

    thank you ssoo much Pastor Jeff for making us read the book! I’ve had it at home for a long time but never bothered to pick it up. Becasue of the book…it has taught me what teenagers are capable of!

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