Book Review: The 21 Day Dad’s Challenge

Book Review:  The 21 Day Dad’s Challenge by Carey Casey

21-day-main-image.ashxThe Good:  It was refreshing to have a new author for each challenge, bringing a new perspective on what is important in fatherhood.  Each unique look provided a new challenge, from a different angle and background.  Honestly, that kept me going in the challenge, knowing there was a new author’s perspective around the corner.  The book does a good job of balancing Scripture with the principles laid out.  Also, the homework at the end of each chapter was very helpful, and allowed for the reader to have the proper takeaway for each chapter.  Finally, it was doable.  The challenge took about 15-20 minutes each night to both read and complete the homework.

The Bad:  Some of what I am going to say seems unfair, but here it is.  The multiple authors resulted in some repeating of information.  I know it’s not their fault, please stop yelling at me.  Also, it did not cater for the ages of my kids (very young) as well as I thought it might.  I had trouble with some of the homework assignments as a result of the ages of my kids.  Again, not the book’s fault.  Told you it was unfair.

Grade:  A-

Listen all you dads out there, I think you can spare 15 minutes a day to read a chapter of this book.  It is worth your time to do that in a 21 day period.  Challenge yourself to be a better dad.  This country is starving for some male leadership in the home, and you should be eagerly looking for books like this to challenge yourself and make you a better dad.  Do it for your kids.  Do it for the Lord.  And do it for your grandchildren that will have your children as parents.  This decision to read this book could affect many generations…not many books you could describe that way, huh?  So go take the challenge.

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