We are gods, No…We Are God’s

Remember that children’s song, “My God is So Big”.

What incredible truth. My God is so big, so strong and so mighty…but our world does not operate according to that philosophy. And sadly, we, as believers, often fail to exist under this truth as well. Let me just start with what our world thinks. Our world would like you to think that you are number one; you are strong enough to handle anything, “you take care of you” type philosophy. A philosophy as if you are gods…others should treat you this way, you deserve the very best, and you are the most important. Let me just give you a few examples from our culture that I found in a quick search using the Google machine…

Quote after quote I read from celebrities that said “Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself”. Where are they getting this philosophy? The world is telling us that we are gods (little g-o-d-s), when in actuality they are right in pronunciation, but wrong in their grammar and practice. We Are God’s (capital G-o-d apostrophe s). You get it?

This world needs a wake-up call. We need the reminder. We are not to be treated like gods. God is to be treated like God. People often treat themselves like a god, rather than realizing “My God is so Big”, He is God, and He is Lord.

The entire sermon can be heard here:  http://mbconline.org/resources/sermon-serieswe are gods

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