2015 Year in Review

What is the point of goals if you do not look back and see how it went?  Seriously, it would be like a basketball player shooting and never looking to see if the ball made it in the hoop.  You want to see how successful your attempt was at your goals, and it also provides an opportunity to praise and thank God for all He has done.

Let’s take a peek on last year’s goals and provide an update…

2015 Goals:

  • WIN Event—Continue to broaden worldview of students by teaching students the needs of the world. Also, provide an interactive learning experience where they research the world needs on their own.  Grade: A. Teens were able to assemble potential charity projects, learn about needs across the world, and provide Biblical solutions to these problems.Blog4
  • Co-Mission Expansion—Collaborate with other youth pastors to plan a mission project or allow students to form community projects together. Grade: Incomplete. To no fault of trying, the logistics to making this happen proved to be too difficult. However, the event still turned out to be a success and provided great evangelistic training to nearly 100 students.
  • New Events—These new events for students include CedarMania and a trip to the Creation Museum. Grade: A. These events were well attended and well placed into the event calendar. The students really enjoyed each event and provided a great off-campus experience.
  • Community Reach—Continue the reach into community by working with a local school in a summer mission project. Grade: A. Community outreach has not always been a strength. However, this year God provided great opportunities such as a community garden rehab for a local school, spaghetti dinners for low-income housing, and homeless outreach to name a few.
  • Junior High Ministry—Continue to expand Junior High Ministry into more than Sunday School, but provide events just for Junior High. Grade: A. God has provided us with some incredible junior high directors that have made this ministry expansion possible, including our first junior high only event. The growth has been a blessing to see, and excited to see what God does in the coming year.
  • Informal Hangout—This is a common request from teens. Add another “Hangtime”, and pursue opportunities to hang out with teens outside of church. Grade: C. Although the goal was accomplished, it was not the best timing. We tried it in the summer, and things were just too busy. It was a lesson learned though to build in this hangtime within the events already scheduled. Once we learned this, it has been a benefit to the ministry.index
  • Student Led Mission Trip—Provide an opportunity for leadership students to lead a mission project over the summer. Grade: A. Sometimes you need faith and risk what God puts on your heart. This was one of them. There was more trust placed into the student leaders this year for the local project, and they delivered! Very proud of how hard they worked to bless our community this past summer.
  • Internship Track—Begin to develop ideas for future interns such as reading material, assignments, and training. Grade: B. While it is not deserving of an incomplete, there is still room for improvement. I was able to gather some books that will be good for training myself along with books the intern will be required to read. There is also a basic plan for the responsibilities of the intern.

2015 GPA – 3.6.  Is that considered honor roll?  Either way, God gets the honor!





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