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Book Review: When People Are Big and God is Small

Book Review:  When People are Big and God is Small by Edward T. Welch

The Good:

Hard-hitting.  My man Ed does not save his words for your protection.  He is willing to ride right into battle, and is not worried about your feelings.  Instead, the author provides honest insight of human interaction, fears, and struggles in a direct way.  I appreciated it.  In a world where everyone is worried about hurting each other’s feelings, this book is concerned about doing the right thing, the right way.

All Comes Back to God.  Spoiler Alert:  All your fears of men stem from your view of God.  When you do not have a proper understanding of who God is, your fears and worries only get bigger.  The more you develop in your understanding and relationship with your Creator, the greater confidence you can have to live for Him, no matter the obstacles that stand in your way.

Life-changing Material.  As a life-long people pleaser, I can relate to nearly every chapter, paragraph, and sentence.  These are my people.  So, for me, it became a life changing operation on where my heart lies.  Life lessons that I hope will stir in me a greater desire to please God rather than men.

The Bad:

Smooth life sandpaper.  As a result of the frank, direct tone, there were time when the material was not smooth.  I appreciated the real-life examples that provided an opportunity to come up for air.  But there were times, when I felt like the temperature in the room was rising.  The conviction was a good thing, but didn’t always feel that way.

The Grade:  A.  This book is great for counseling, spiritual growth, and personal evaluation.  All of us struggle with the fear of man, and Welch does a dynamite job of breaking down the issues and providing Biblical solutions to correcting your fears into proper life patterns.

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