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5 Tips to Host a Easter Egg Hunt on a Small Budget

Rent a helicopter.  Get the real Easter Bunny to attend.  DC Talk reunion tour concert to open the festivities.  What happens if you don’t have a large budget for your Easter Egg Hunt?  No problem.  There are ways to still host a fun event for your community.

If you are looking for tips on how to host an Easter Egg Hunt – check out my previous posts here and here.

But if you are looking to host an Easter Egg Hunt on a low-budget.  Here’s some tips you need remember:

Get the Church to Help.  As mentioned in previous blog posts, this keeps the budget low when the church donates towards the cause.  Eggs, candy, bottled water…and even cash donations go a long way to keep costs down.  In past egg-fills, we might make a quick run to the dollar store for more eggs or candy, but for the most part we have enough filled eggs for the event.

Egg Return.  Make provisions to have a place where eggs can be returned.  This will save you next year when you ask for more donations.  You will already have a nest egg (pun intended) for your event the following year.

Free.  When you have an event that is free, the expectations are not nearly as high.  When people pay for an event, they desire something in return for their payment.  Keeping it free is not only good practice as a church, but also will allow for a good spirit among those that attend.

Limited but Effective Activities.  Each year we evaluate what activities are worth keeping for the following year.  The majority of our small budget is placed into bounce houses.  These are something every kid loves and are worth the money.  Other activities like crafts, face painting, and prayer table are low-budget activities.

Keep Program Simple.  Each year we make sure to share the Gospel at our event.  It’s not a bait and switch, because it is advertised as people come to the registration table.  But let’s be honest, hundreds of people (especially kids) anxiously waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt are not going to be held at bay for very long.  So the puppet show, video, or speaker should not be much longer than 15 minutes.  That’s all the attention span you got, so use it wisely.

Hope these tips are helpful for your Easter Egg Hunt.  Feel free to comment on how you accomplish your Easter activities. 

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6 Tips for a Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Last year, I wrote how to plan an Easter Egg Hunt for the community.  This time, I’d like to follow-up with six quick tips to help you have a successful hunt.  Feel free to comment with ideas you have…Easter_0000_Egg-hunt

Gospel-Driven. I put this first for a reason. I believe these events can be an opportunity for Jesus to be shared. I’m not suggesting a 4 act play on the story of Easter, but a simple object lesson that would be enjoyable for the kids and their parents.

Church Effort. Listen, the idea of a community Easter egg hunt seems pretty overwhelming to do by yourself…so don’t. Allow it to be a church effort. Encourage your church each year to donate the candy and eggs.

Sunny Bunny Eggs. Even though we support this event mostly with donations, I would suggest purchasing a base amount from Sunny Bunny Eggs for two reasons. One, it helps ease your mind that at least you will have some eggs if donations go awry. Second, it is a great organization that supports those with mental disabilities.

Divide the Ages. Too often, I see Easter egg hunts that are not divided by age and the older kids run over the little ones, like Bigfoot over cars at a monster truck rally. Splitting up the ages is always appreciated by the parents.

Bounce House. Book it right now. Book two if you can. Trust me on this one.

Teen Leadership Opportunity. Our student leaders plan and administrate this entire event. You heard me. They recruit volunteers, plan the games, contact the bounce house people, and even give the lesson. Never underestimate what teenagers can do for their community for God’s glory.


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Easter Egg Hunt – HOW TO

Easter is a time of year where many are open to the idea of coming to church.  Why not get to know those people in your community that may attend on Sunday, the day before?  How is that done?  One way is by hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on your church campus.  Here is a quick rundown on how to plan and carry out a Community Easter Egg Hunt.  (Special Note: My student leaders planned this whole event.  Maybe this is something your student leaders can do for your church each year.  Expectations rise and potential met!)easter-egg-hunt_t-1

How to Plan

  1. Choose a mission statement – Gospel-centered statement to keep vision/purpose in mind.
  2. Create goals – number of people, number of kids, number of eggs
  3. Separate Planning Team into Two Groups:  Promotion/Publicity, Production & Personnel
  4. Promotion & Publicity – Get the word out – mailings, church announcements, flyers/postcards, radio announcements, website, Facebook event post, church sign;  Donations – Eggs, Candy, Small Prizes;  Sign up list for volunteers – next to display in Lobby
  5. Production & Personnel
  • Make a timeline of tasks that need to be accomplished
  • Reserve items early – Location (if needed), Bounce House, Time slot in church calendar
  • Recruit volunteers – Registration, Game & Egg Hunt Helpers, Security (if needed), Storyteller, Drinks/Food Coordinator
  • Gather Materials – Games materials, Fill Eggs (Sunny Bunny Eggs is a great resource), Tables, chairs, etc.
  • Schedule out the Easter Hunt – From Setup to Tear Down
  • Develop a map – where you want everything, from registration to the actual hunt

How to Host

  1. Meeting – Meet at location early with volunteers for set up (Suggestion:  if possible, do a “mock” setup in the gym prior to the day of Egg Hunt).
  2. Stations, People!  Set up games, bounce house, registration, story telling station, & Egg Hunt area
  3. It’s Show Time.  Meet half hour to hour before – designate volunteers to stations (People started showing up a half hour before ours started, so be aware of this possibility, BE EARLY!)
  4. Registration
  5. Schedule Sample:  Registration/Games/Games shut down/Story Time (Resurrection Eggs)/Egg Hunt/More Games/Final Egg Hunt (With Remaining Eggs)

Meet guests at front location
Give out bags – church information, brochures, tract, Easter service invitation
Bag for Easter Egg Hunt
Mega-Phone or Sound System Set up

How to Follow Up

  1. Gospel – The best thing about our Egg Hunt this year was the Gospel was shared.  It was right before the Egg Hunt, so everyone was willing to hear about Jesus, then we did the Egg Hunt right after.
  2. At Registration – people signed up their child with a phone number.  Possible a registration card would have been more efficient/organized.
  3. Children’s Ministry Team – Follow up with phone calls, visits, and emails.
  4. Pray you see them the next day!
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