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Great Outreach Idea…That Resulted From a Good Outreach Idea, That Failed

God can work in failure.  You want an example, just look in the mirror.  Wow, that was harsh for something right after breakfast.  But how true is that.  God chooses to use sinners like us…for some reason we are His plan for reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We fail, we mess up, and our plans often fall apart.

But here is the good news:  God can use our failures for His glory, and for His purposes.  Why?  Because God is not surprised by anything.  Let me just give you an example that happened recently.

Each month, my student ministry is to have a service project of some kind, whether it is serving in some way in the church, or in the community.  So let me just break it down for you to save you some time:

Good Idea:  Host a Spaghetti Dinner for a Local Football Team (failed when 3 schools either refused or were not able to commit)

Great Idea:  Pack To-Go Spaghetti Dinners & Deliver Them To Our Church Neighbors (Honestly, came out of the question, “What are we going to do with all this spaghetti?  God answered that question.

Here are 10 steps to make this happen:

  1. Ask the church to donate 50 meals:  Spaghetti sauce/noodles, 2 liter, can of fruit
  2. Bag them nicely
  3. Add:  Church brochure, tract, Christmas invitation
  4. Plan your route, and have a bus/church van driver to drop off & pick up
  5. Group your teens with adults (inter-generational ministry!)
  6. Make sure each group has adult male (safety) and a female (less intimidating)
  7. Each person carries 2 bags
  8. Go door to door saying something like “We are from _______, we are your neighbors, and we care about you.  Here is a dinner on us.  Feel free to visit us anytime.  God bless”
  9. Come back & pray for each street where bags were delivered
  10. Have hot chocolate & coffee to warm back up (or cold drinks, depending on weather/location)

We didn’t cook the meals, just delivered the goods, so they could have the meal anytime.  And we got to meet our neighbors, showed them we loved them, shared the love of Christ…and we were able to do that in about a half hour.

God turned a failure into something that could affect eternity!  Sound familiar, it should…just look in the mirror!

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