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Facing Your Fears – 3 common fears and steps to deal with them

What in your life takes you from bold to fearful? My guess is it comes down to three fears. Challenge yourself to face these fears, stare them in the eye, and let God have them. Which fear do you struggle with the most?

Fear #1 – Fear of manFEAR (2)

Do you struggle with pleasing others? When you feel like you have let others down, or not lived up to their expectation, does that devastate you?

When it comes to standing up for the Gospel, are you the first to run and hide? Do you take that stand, or do you limp back and forth from worldly to godly?

Do you compare yourself with others, in fear you don’t measure up? Whether it is your body image, your home, your bank account…it’s easy to let these things get you down when you fear man and man’s approval. Remember, that God looks at the heart.

Fear #2 – Fear of losing control

Are you a worrier? When things get out of your control, do you lose your boldness?

When you are in danger of a job loss, letting your kid on the bus for the 1st time, or you turn in your exam not knowing what will be your return grade…does fear enter your veins?

Do you feel like you deserve a peachy life? Does a bump in the road, no matter how small, take you completely off course?

Remember God being in control is better than you being in control. Remember you are not alone. And find purpose for your life…purpose that invests in eternity.

Fear #3 – Fear of the futureFuture

What do you have in your grips that would seem impossible to let go, if God were to ask you? Do you trust God enough to give him control of everything, including your, or does that scare the snot out of you?

Don’t you want to trust the one that knows the future, instead of denying His plan even though you cannot see past the current second hand on a clock? Trust God with your future.

Ecclesiastes 12:13 – The fear that will take care of all other fears.

Solomon takes the entire book of Ecclesiastes – to look everywhere for answers, and this is his conclusion: FEAR GOD & KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS.

With all due respect to FDR and JFK, I have to disagree. The only thing we should fear is God, the Lord himself.

Today, let go of your fears, and let God. Let God be the one you seek to please, Let God take control of your life, and Let God guide your future.

(These fears are taken from the fears of the prophet Elijah, in I Kings 19)


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