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10 Things I Learned After Having Daughters

  1. Chevron is not just a gas station.
  2. Mood changes can happen in a split second. A laugh can turn into a cry in a drop of a toy.
  3. No matter the time, place, or activity…a girl can quickly pose for a picture.
  4. Clothes. Clothes.  And Clothes.  Um, and then more clothes.
  5. I think God installed tear ducts a little looser in little girls.
  6. Craft time is essential to life.
  7. You don’t have to worry how they are doing sleeping, because they will visit your bed regularly throughout the night.
  8. People keep telling me “just wait until they are teenagers”. Sounds good, I think I’ll wait.
  9. They like those Barbie movies. If you have watched them, you wish with all of your being that this was not true.
  10. It’s rare that a hug is not available when you need one.

family pic

(Picture Courtesy of KariMe Photography)

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Having a Baby Tutorial (For Men) – 3rd Times a Charm

Let’s take a break from the ministry posts for a second, and talk parenting.  Not to get too personal, but this is my 3rd rodeo in the delivery room.  Using that analogy, I’m the guy that holds the bull, while the rider goes through the pain and is the main attraction.  Did I just call my wife a bull?  I’m in trouble, better stop with the analogies, and go right to the lessons learned in my 3rd child’s birth:

  1. Start working on your reaction time.  Your hand-eye coordination in critical when your wife asks for an ice-chip.  You have very few responsibilities, man, don’t screw this one up!
  2. Watch your “joke count”.  If you’re like me, and you try to be funny when you’re nervous, remember you are in a delivery room, not Rockefeller Center.
  3. Be on call.  That means, let the boss know when you are going to the bathroom, blowing your nose, or nabbing a grape juice from the “community” fridge.  And don’t go too far.  The days of ESPN in the lobby while waiting for the doctor to come out and say “It’s a _____” are LONG GONE.
  4. Take a course in multi-media, if you have to.  Because you very well could be all or at least the majority of these: mobile connection to family, the Facebook Administrator, Twitter Manager, Blog Editor, and Photography coordinator.  You might want to purchase a smart phone, and sync up (this coming from a guy that lost all his contacts a week prior to birth day…thanks Apple!)
  5. Still never gonna get used to what comes out of baby in days #1-3.  If you have not experienced it, I suggest you grab some tar, syrup, and sulfur, mix the ingredients together, and practice changing your first diaper with that smell right up close.
  6. LOVE your wife.  She is the herione, the main character, the main attraction, the headliner…I could keep going, but I think you get the picture. Make sure she feels this way throughout.

Well, there you have it.  I may have repeated some ideas men from previous blogs, but that just means you better take notice.  Feel free to read my previous lessons learned…so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

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