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5th Quarter Video Ideas

It’s 5th Quarter season again.  Many of you are gearing up for that 5th Quarter Party, and hoping for a great turnout from the big game.  If you need some help planning, check out this blog post and this one too.  Maybe your speaker cancelled on you, you need a back-up speaker plan, or you simply wanted to show a video this year.  Here are some video ideas that may work:


Other Ideas: 

Feel free to comment and leave video ideas that you have used in the past.  Let’s help each other make these 5th Quarter parties a success…which means seeing students meet their Savior, Jesus Christ!



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Potential of Young People – Lesson on Loving Others

A wonderful lesson brought to you by high school students.  Never underestimate a young person, and the impact they can have on others.  This girl will never forget this.  And the crowd will remember this over the score of the game.  Share this as a lesson about loving others.  What a touching and priceless act.

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