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10 Ways Christmas is Different as an Adult

  1. The energy level from a new toy or video game system lasted all day as a kid.  Now after the rush of Christmas morning, by dinner time it felt like 2 am, I just ran a marathon, and a bus hit me while I were crossing the finish line.
  2. Your Christmas list was toys, games, and fun stuff…now it is programmable thermostats to save money in the winter, socks, and a waterproof vest…and the funny thing is, you are just as excited!
  3. It used to take a week to play or enjoy all the presents…now I look for a box that I can fit my presents in and I’m all set.
  4. I cannot think of one Christmas dinner I had growing up…but this Hickory Honey Ham presentation with Hawaiian rolls, loaded mashed potatoes, carrot casserole, and a chilled IBC root beer will not be soon forgotten.
  5. Matching jammies with my family as a child would be thoroughly resisted in every way…but as a grown up it’s hilarious, fun, and great for pictures.
  6. Opening presents was just the best…now opening your own presents can get in the way of watching your kids open theirs.
  7. When you were a kid it was fun to make Christmas lists…now it takes me all year to compile things I want (it’s true, I keep a notes list on my phone – the programmable thermostat held the #1 spot since summer).
  8. What happened to me? I went from “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” to where I couldn’t wait to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and allow my eyes to well up…it’s only a matter of time till the tears start rollin in.
  9. I don’t remember when I stopped believing in Santa Claus, but I know I won’t forget when my kids have that experience!
  10. One thing will never change with my age, I still am thankful for the reason for the Season and love to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus with my kids…The Hope that Christ brought me as a kid is the hope I still hold on to today.

15697298_10157887449565246_5706098247670253993_nHoping you and your family had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Christmas Traditions: Telling The Christmas Story

We all have our Christmas traditions.  Whether it be setting up the Christmas tree, baking the cookies together, or watching a certain Christmas movie (My Top 5:  Home Alone 1 & 2, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa Claus and Christmas with the Kranks).

What about a new tradition?  Telling the Christmas story in a special way each year.  Here are some ideas:

Ideas for using The Story of Christmas…Nativity

1. Use your own manger scene figures with the story, or cut out the figures we have provided.

2. Stage each part of the story in a different part of the house.  For example, the angel may have appeared to Mary in the kitchen.  Today’s version of the manger could be the garage.  The shepherds would be outside in the yard.  King Herod would be in your best room.

3. Read one part of the story every night for a week before Christmas, or load up the camel (that would be dad) and give the kids a ride from place to place all in one night.

4. Give each of the children a story figure to hold and allow them to act out the story as you read it.

5. If your children can read well allow them to narrate the story.

6. Incorporate household props to make it fun.  For example,  a dish towel with a shoe lace tied around a child’s head makes a great shepherd hat.  Crowns can be cut out from this template for the kings.  A pastel sheet wrapped around a child and tied with a rope makes a great Mary dress.  Wrap you angel with a white sheet and put a little garland on her head.

7. The Magi were the gift givers from which we get the gift giving tradition of Christmas.  An effective way to limit gifts and point children back to the real meaning of gifts at Christmas is to tell your children they will get 3 gifts just as Jesus received 3 gifts.  If your children believe in Santa you can throw in a fourth gift from him or have Santa fill the stockings.

8. End your story with a birthday celebration – A Baby Jesus Birthday Party.  We recommend red velvet cake as a festive tradition your children will beg for.  This is our favorite Red Velvet Cake recipe.

(This excerpt comes from iMom blog, and want to give them credit for their work.  The full blog article can be found here.)

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10 Thoughts From the Nutcracker Ballet

Last night, I had the privilege of taking my sweet 5-year-old daughter on a “daddy double date”.  My buddy scored us some tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet (noticed I used “scored” there to make it sound a little more manly).  I’ve never been to the ballet before, so I decided to share with you what was going through my mind during the performance.  Enjoy.Nutcracker

  1. Has anyone ever run into each other in one of these performances?  Or better yet, fallen off the stage into the pit.  Now that would make things interesting.
  2. How come the orchestra is in that pit down there?  Do they have radio sound but not stage faces?
  3. Those tights that dude is wearing would not get within 1,200 yards of my closet.  Eeek.
  4. The main character looked like Desmond Howard, that would be so cool if he would do “The Heisman” pose.
  5. I don’t get it.  I’m confused.  What is going on?
  6. If my daughter’s favorite part was the snack time at intermission, why didn’t we just go the snack area at CVS down the street.  They got 1 Lb. bags of M&M’s there for the same price as a bottled water here.
  7. When my daughter asked “Is that TinkerBell?  Is that Sleeping Beauty?  Is that Belle?…”  I said enthusiastically “Yeah!”.  I honestly wasn’t completely sure based on my understanding of the story line.
  8. Hey that’s the song from Home Alone (or maybe it’s the other way around).  Now we’re talkin!
  9. The special effects movement must have skipped over the ballet generation…I can see the strings, set manager dude.
  10. This makes everything worth it, holding my date on my lap the whole time so she could see.
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