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Book Review: Everybody Always

Book Review:  Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Also see Bob Goff’s 1st Book, Love Does, review here.

The Good:

Life-changing.  There is a difference between a good book and a book that is life-changing.  A good book is enjoyable, but a life-changing book grips your heart.  A good book you read when you get a chance, a life-changing book you can’t wait to read the next chapter.  A good book you might put on your shelf, a life-changing book is one you want to share with everyone.  This book…it’s life-changing.  Now, I realize I set the bar high, so don’t go into it with it being on par with the Bible.  That’s not my point.  The point is if you capture the message of the book, and apply it…boom, life changed.

Outside of the Box, More Like “What Box?”.  What I love about the author is his whimsical, spontaneous, but fun-loving personality.  You hitch a ride on the story of his life, and you don’t want to get off the crazy.  It is the most fun I have ever had reading a book.  Goff thinks and acts so much differently, it is so refreshing.  He brings so much joy through simply saying yes to loving others.

Master Illustrator.  You feel like you are right there, seeing what Bob is seeing.  With each paragraph, it feels like you are living out the story.  Then as he lands the plane (sometimes literally), Goff hits you between the eyes with a dynamite, punch to the gut quote that are so raw, real, and dead on that you need a minute to let it sink it.  Can I give you a couple quick teaser quotes – “When joy is a habit, love is a reflex”.  “As soon as we have an agenda, it’s not love anymore”.  Man, that last one hurt.  See what I mean?

The Bad:

Be Careful Bob.  He uses a whole lot of “I think Jesus is saying” in the book.  While I am certainly not saying there is heresy here, but the illustrations sometimes are a stretch…but maybe that’s a good thing.  This is a read that will stretch you, how you think, and if you truly are following the model Jesus lived.

The Grade:  A+.  As I shared stories from the book with my wife I got tears in my eyes, for different reasons.  Some of the things Bob would do and say just make you laugh out loud.  But the heart-wrenching stories of lives impacted grip your heart, and you find tears in your eyes.  I love this book.  I love the stories, the raw honest approach, and the willingness to be a world changer by acting like Jesus.  It’s weird to say, but I’ll miss my time each night reading a chapter like a delicious dessert after dinner.  But if I learned anything, it’s my turn to make some stories of loving others like Jesus loves.

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“Love Does” Book Review

Love Does

The Good:

In a word:  Inspirational.  Recently, I have had this desire not to live an ordinary life.  So I picked up to books to help feed this desire:  Love Does & Don’t Waste Your Life.  Bingo!  The American dream of education, job, nice house & things, and nice retirement is not my dream.  My dream is to affect people with the Gospel, to impact people through ministry & giving, and turn people to Jesus by representing His name well.  Notice all these are ACTION.  That’s what this book is about:  ACTION of a follower of Christ.

Enough talk!  “Love Does” is all about loving others with actions.  Each chapter is a story from the author’s life, and he is able to segway that story to a gospel-centered application.  And these stories will blow you away, make you laugh, tug at your heart strings, and again, inspire you.

Proceeds go to help build a school in Uganda.  How bout that for good?!?

The Bad:

There were a couple theological points that I wasn’t completely on the same page.  As you read, there are sometimes where the author uses opinion of God’s view on things and allows the reader to take them as factual.  Also, more Scripture was needed for the Christian principles that were emphasized in each chapter.

The Grade:  B+

Great book.  I was excited each time I picked it up to see what crazy story was next, and how it relates to my Savior.  A must-read for those stuck in a rut, for those that want their life to have meaning, for those that are ready to live an exciting life of following Christ and reaching others.  This was just what the doctor ordered.  This wasn’t a book I wanted to read, this was a book I NEEDED to read.

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