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Book Review: Am I Called?

Book Review: Am I Called? by Dave Harveyamicalled_header

The Good:

You Talking to Me. What an easy read. Seriously, it is like having a conversation with the author. I’m a big fan of books that are written in a laid-back conversational style. If I read a book about pastoral calling, I would hope it would speak to me. Well, the author’s style does just that – it is like you are being counseled in the chair across from him, and he speaks right to you and your heart.

Dry as a bone. For those that know me, I enjoy dry humor. And this book caused me to laugh out loud at times with the witty jabs that you almost miss, but add life to the book. These little comments and stories provide great flavor to a very meaty subject.

Paging all church search committees. This isn’t just a book for those seeking confirmation of the call, but can be highly useful for pastoral search committees and church boards establishing their philosophy of ministry. What a lesson on the requirements of a pastor, in behavior, practice, and lifestyle. Before writing a job description, you might want to read this book.

The Bad:

Better Sooner than Later. Seriously, this may sound sappy, but the only bad thing about this book is that I did not read it sooner. It satisfied the reader’s longing to understand and confirm the calling. It answers the question “Am I Called” to completion, with great detail, confidence, and sound doctrine.

The Grade: A. Got someone interested in ministry? Put this book in their hands. Think about it. We are talking about the calling to lead the body of Christ…the bride of the Savior of the world. Before any seminary applications, job interviews, internships…read this book. Start here. Seriously, it puts the pastoral call to the test.   Better to test your calling with a hot chocolate, bedroom slippers, and this book…than when you are knee-deep in ministry! Buy the book, and make your calling sure.

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Top 10 Requirements for a Youth Pastor Search

Hard to come up with just 10 things to include in finding a youth or student pastor candidate.  But here’s 10 that come to mind.

  1. Biblical standards is a good place to start – must follow without question the ground rules in I Timothy 3 & Titus 1. (I realize this covers a lot, but I can’t say it better than Scripture does!)
    1. Along these lines – same commitments to Biblical standards & doctrines
  2. Follows the philosophy of the church – Typically youth pastors fall into a few camps:  Program Driven, Family/Discipleship Driven
    1. There needs to be and understanding of the philosophy of the candidate.  This will help with finding a right match.
  3. For me, a high value in relational and Biblical discipleship is paramount in youth ministry.Job
    1. This means – willingness and desire/passion to disciple young people and also families/parents.
  4. Understanding of family ministry – involvement, passion for equipping, and desire to consistently communicate with parents.  Someone that sees parents as someone on their team, not one they try to just keep happy.
  5. Inter-generational – willingness to involve teens in service in the church, encourage engagement in adult relationships, and provide opportunities for teens to serve and worship alongside adults and kids.  Basically provided a bridge between generations.
  6. Relationship-oriented – this generation is less about knowledge, and more about relationship.  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” (Maxwell)
    1. Also able to work well with others on staff & develop/maintain a positive relationship with youth leaders/children workers.
  7. Organized – Can’t tell you how important this is.  Leadership loves it.  Parents love it.  And teens benefit from it.
  8.  Effective communicator – not only in formal settings like teaching/training/meetings.  But also have the ability to communicate clearly in informal settings like one-on-one with teens, weekly staff meetings, and secular arenas (like YMCA or bowling alley for example in planning events)
  9. Driven – there needs to be drive – both spiritually and practically.  Always looking for ways to improve the spiritual & physical environment of the youth ministry.
  10. CALLED to ministry – love for teens is a requirement, but a call to ministry is a step above that.
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