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Magazine Reviews for the Youth Pastor & Parents of Teens

I realize the sky is the limit of the amount of magazines out there.  But here are a handful of ones I have had on my desk that may be some help to you and your ministry/parenting.Reviews-of-smallcarBIGCITY

  1. Relevant.  This may be my favorite. The purpose is in the title, to stay relevant in present culture, but also providing a Christian foundation. The content is often stretching and engages the reader. Often, there are interviews of popular celebrities and entertainers on the subjects of religion and Christianity. The reviews of popular music, books, and movies are very helpful. Also, the dry humor throughout is very enjoyable.  Review:  Highly Recommended.  (5 Stars)
  2. Group.  For anyone in youth ministry, in any capacity, this is highly suggested. I find myself ripping out pages in these magazines and putting them in my idea file or passing them along to youth leaders for the future. The articles are often encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining. There has not been a time where I have not opened its pages and it has not been worth it, in terms of adding something to my current and/or future ministry. These pages are filled with wisdom from veteran youth workers, and it has saved me from learning many lessons the hard way.  Review:  Recommended. (4 Stars)
  3. World Magazine. This magazine is the conservative version of relevant magazine. It allows the reader to stay current on what is happening on the world. Basically, it is a Christian filter to the news and world reports that are one TV each night. This is typically for an older audience, but is something that needs to be addressed with our teens as well. It can provide a greater global focus and a more informed Biblical worldview.   Review:  Worth a look. (3 Stars)
  4. Time Magazine. Obviously, this is not a Christian resource. However, I have found it to be very enlightening. Also, the articles in it often hold more weight in conversations with unbelievers and as lesson illustrations. The statistics page is always a favorite of mine, and I have kept many over the years. While it does not provide a Biblical worldview, it allows the reader to interact with a non-Christian view of the world, and find where the Gospel is needed and how God can be brought into the conversation.  Review:  Worth a look. (3 Stars)
  5. Alumni Magazines. What is this doing here? You may be surprised at the quality of articles you find here. Why? Because these are often articles written by faculty and established alumni. Here’s the kicker…it’s free if you are an alum! Great articles at no charge! So take advantage at the knowledge and information you can gain from your former profs, and you won’t even be graded later!  Review:  Recommended. (4 Stars)

Hope this helps. Feel free to send me some of your favorites in the comments below.

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How to Teach Students to be World-Changers

Last week, I posted an article about doing something to help the world in need.  Well, how about creating an event dedicated to this very topic, of being “World-Changers” and helping those across the world, from poverty to persecution, from sex slavery to sweatshops, and from forced child labor to forced child military.

Here’s an idea that might work for your student ministry…create a World In Need Event or WIN event.  Get out your box cutter and open up this box, and inside you’ll find a kit to create this event.


Allow your students to open their worldview from pin hole to wide view lens.  Not just in their sense and compassion of the world’s needs, but also compassion for the lost in far off countries, and faces and names to go with these issues.


Over the course of the year, I collect articles & stories of poverty, persecution, and problems across the world.  My primary resource for these articles is Relevant Magazine, with the Reject Apathy project being a huge contributor.  Other resources could include national news publications such as Time Magazine.  Also, it may be a good idea to contact missionaries to see needs in their regions.

Dispatches from the Front DVD Series:  This may need to be edited in some parts, because there are some issues that are more adult.  However, this series is powerful to gain an inside look at other cultural issues, and provide a real view of these far places of persecution and unrest.

Finally, purchase Operation World.  No, seriously.  Put in your order right now, here.  This will provide a valuable research during the prayer time of the WIN event.  Did you buy it yet…do it!


Opener Video – Choose an opener video to introduce your event.  I’ve used these:  World Edition of How Great is Our God, First World Problems (this one is especially powerful), & Audio Adrenaline – Kings & Queens.

Main Bible Passage – Use a passage that depicts the compassion God urges us to have for those in need.  Click here for some examples.

Presentations – Choose several world regions you would like to focus on helping.  Dispatches from the Front provide numerous options of where there is persecution and needs.  You can use these DVD’s to introduce the region and needs.  Or you can use your research to provide areas of needs.

Presentations can be adult or student led.  I would suggest doing the adult or youth leader led projects with a leadership student assisting.  After doing this a year or two, move to student presentations.

Give the youth leader or student a packet with the research you have compiled over the year.  Provide the location and problem/issue.  Inside the packet, provide a cover sheet of what the presentation should include.  For example:  Project Assignment, Title for Presentation, Bible Verse or Main Passage – Short devotional & How verse relates to topic/presentation, Presentation of World Issue – Present the Problems, Give statistics, Provide visuals – pictures, videos, Provide Solution – What can the audience do?  How can we help?, Close in Prayer

Preparation – Allow for several weeks and half your youth group time for students to collect their data and work on their presentations.  With youth leaders, you will want to provide the material 1-2 months in advance to give them enough time to prepare their presentations.  Choose a month where you can present the idea of helping others or loving others, and take time each week to pray for needs and problems in the world using your Operation World book that you just purchased earlier =)

WIN Event

Travel the World.  Make it special.  Have your leaders dress up as flight attendants and have students “fly” to their location for the presentations.  Use your worship center or gym to provide space between presentations, or use separate rooms.

Provide tools.  Allow each group to have access to internet and computer.  This will allow them to show Power Point and/or videos to enhance their presentations.

Be Creative.  Have each group bring in a cuisine or appetizer from their region.  Bring in a missionary speaker from that region as your main speaker.  Find someone who was originally from that culture who can speak from experience.


Summation:  This WIN (World in Need) Event can provide an eye-opening experience for your students.  Did they know about the epidemic of sexual slavery?  Do your students realize the devastation of AIDS in Africa?  Do they understand how good they have it with clean, hot water whenever they want it?  Or most of all, how much do they take for granted their Bible in their hands and their freedom to worship, where many die for those two things?  It’s time we take some time and wake up our young people to the needs of this world…and allow them do to something about it!





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