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Did You Know? on Teen Culture

Remember on Sportscenter, when they did the “Did you know” segment.  Classic.  Not sure if they do that anymore, because I only have basic cable (I miss you ESPN).  But I thought I would do a teen culture DID YOU KNOW.

  1. Did you know teens are making vodka gummy bear treats?  Apparently, Skittles is also an option.
  2. Did you know that car crashes are now the #1 cause of death for teenagers?
  3. Did you know the average age of a gamer is 37?  (Okay, maybe that’s not teen culture, but it is kinda funny)
  4. Did you know 10% of babies 0-1 have used an iPad/iPod (check out this)?  What does that mean for teens in 10-15 years?
  5. Did you know the minimum age requirement by law for a Facebook user is 13?
  6. Did you know 5% of students have conversations about faith with their dad regularly

How did you do?  How many of these questions DID YOU KNOW?

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