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Book Review: Prayer Coach

The Good:  I’ll get straight to the point, the two things l liked best about this book:  practicality & the golden nuggets.  I’ll start with the golden nuggets, because you are probably wondering if that is a new type of cereal or candy bar that comes with the book.  What I mean is some of the phrases and thoughts in this book are simply pure gold.  Can I share a few?  “If something is big enough to worry about, it’s big enough to pray about”.  “Prayer is helplessness plus faith”.  “Sin is like earwax that must be removed in order for God’s voice to come through loud and clear.”prayer coach

On the practicality meter, it would be a 5.0 for sure (that is high for a practicality meter reading, if you didn’t know and if there was such a thing in real life).  Written by a pastor, you can tell he has spent a great deal of time applying his principles to his church and family life, because there are examples of how to implement more prayer everywhere you turn in this book.  It is fantastic.  Let me give you a personal example.  He suggested offering to pray for the teacher in parent/teacher conferences.  May seem simple to you, but I tried that (my daughter is in Kindergarten, so we had our FIRST conference this past month).  And man, the teacher’s face just lit up and she almost screamed yes!  She was thrilled with our offer, and we were able to share God’s love in a special way.  That’s just one example!

The Bad:  Very rarely, but the author takes things a little too far, whether in sarcasm or in practice.  On page 218, I didn’t appreciate his permissiveness in allowing foul language while using accountability (although it was “bleeped” out).  In my mind, you can still be stern and serious with someone in your accountability without using coarse language.  Frankly, I felt like that part of the chapter was not needed, and the liberty given was not warranted.

The Grade:  B+.  You know, maybe you have a prayer life like Bubba Watson’s golf swing,  self-taught, never needing a coach,  But I sure could use a prayer coach.  This book provides the coaching, training, and ideas to improve a prayer life that can always use some improvement.  So, if your prayer life needs no motivation, never needs a halftime speech, and rarely needs any fine-tuning, than this book isn’t for you.  But, if your prayer life is not perfect, gets stuck in ruts, and could use some energy, give this book a try.

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“Love Does” Book Review

Love Does

The Good:

In a word:  Inspirational.  Recently, I have had this desire not to live an ordinary life.  So I picked up to books to help feed this desire:  Love Does & Don’t Waste Your Life.  Bingo!  The American dream of education, job, nice house & things, and nice retirement is not my dream.  My dream is to affect people with the Gospel, to impact people through ministry & giving, and turn people to Jesus by representing His name well.  Notice all these are ACTION.  That’s what this book is about:  ACTION of a follower of Christ.

Enough talk!  “Love Does” is all about loving others with actions.  Each chapter is a story from the author’s life, and he is able to segway that story to a gospel-centered application.  And these stories will blow you away, make you laugh, tug at your heart strings, and again, inspire you.

Proceeds go to help build a school in Uganda.  How bout that for good?!?

The Bad:

There were a couple theological points that I wasn’t completely on the same page.  As you read, there are sometimes where the author uses opinion of God’s view on things and allows the reader to take them as factual.  Also, more Scripture was needed for the Christian principles that were emphasized in each chapter.

The Grade:  B+

Great book.  I was excited each time I picked it up to see what crazy story was next, and how it relates to my Savior.  A must-read for those stuck in a rut, for those that want their life to have meaning, for those that are ready to live an exciting life of following Christ and reaching others.  This was just what the doctor ordered.  This wasn’t a book I wanted to read, this was a book I NEEDED to read.

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