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10 Teen Culture Thoughts – Found in a Survey I Gave To My Students

I recently gave a survey that included questions about teen culture, media, and worldview.  The questions are below, but I thought I would share what I found first.  Here are 10 thoughts and reflections from the survey:

1. Hunger Games is famous, but you probably already knew that.  I personally would much rather see Avengers 3 times. 

2. Movie likes are all over the place.  There’s a reason why that and video games can stay constant even in a depressed economy…teenagers love them!

3. Hanging with friends is a priority in many categories.

4. NCIS is the most popular TV show…but why?

5. Magazines apparently are on the way OUT! 90% said they don’t read them.

6. Very little mention of spiritual things.  There is some spiritual aspects such as:  Christian music (multiple times), salvation (once), and heaven (once), but it doesn’t seem to come to mind first.  That’s a concern.

7. Most teenagers do not like drama – they want to avoid getting yelled at, confrontation, and people making fun of them.

8. Reading – There are still readers out there.

9. Interesting to see the top career choices were:  teacher, ministry, engineer, and military.  Not too shabby.

10.Mission Trip made the list of favorite memories behind sports memories and family/friends memories.  Shows the impact these trips can have!


Here are the questions I used (from re:View series – produced by Cedarville University):

What are your favorite musical groups? Name a song that is popular at school.
What are some of your favorite movies? Favorite in the last month?
What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?
What makes you the most angry?
What are the best memories of your life so far?
In a day in the life of of “you,” what would have to happen to make it a “10”?
In 20 years, where or what do you want to be?
What magazines do you subscribe to? Which ones do you occasionally buy?
What are some of your favorite books? Name a book that is popular today.
What are some of your favorite TV shows? Which show is the most popular at school?

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