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Generation Update – Hunger Games, College Graduate Job Problem, and the Digital Generation

  1. According to Pew Research Center – 40% of millennials sport a tattoo.
  2. 75% college student graduate without a job lined up.
  3. Average age for marriage is 26 for women, 28 for guys.
  4. Nearly 20 million of the 225 million Twitter users follow 60 or more Twitter accounts and nearly 2 million follow more than 500 accounts.
  5. There are more than 800 million people now signed up for the social network Facebook; they spend 700 billion minutes using Facebook each month, and they install more than 20 million apps every day. Facebook users had uploaded more than 100 billion photos by mid-2011.
  6. 75 percent of Facebook users unhappy with body – 51 percent of respondents reported Facebook makes them more conscious about their body and weight.
  7. 76% of people ages 14-24 say that digital abuse is a serious problem.
  8. The Hunger Games opened to an astounding $155 million at the domestic box office, the third-best debut of all time and the best for any film opening outside of summer.
  9. A survey conducted last year in a Midwest school district found that 53 percent of high school students admitted to cheating on tests, 62 percent turned in work done by others and 72 percent admitted working with classmates on homework when collaboration was not permitted.
  10. 78 percent of U.S. teens had drank alcohol, and 47 percent of the group said they’d consumed 12 or more drinks in the past year. When it came to drug use, 81 percent of teens said they had the opportunity to use illicit substances, with 42.5 percent actually tried them.

Take-away – We are working with, serving, and loving on a generation that is extremely “plugged-in”.  The conversations will probably be more digital and shorter.  This generation seems to have a real disconnect between true and real faith, since they throw it away so easily.  Adolescence is lasting longer and longer, so the “rebellion phase” seems to be  lasting longer too.

What’s my point?  These updates are to give you a better picture of where this generation is.  Take the time to help students to engage culture, to use technology without letting technology use them, use their social media to share the gospel, and to build a real faith that lasts.  Easier said than done?  Absolutely.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

What is your take-away from this information?

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