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You mean…Visitors are supposed to come back? What?

Yes.  It is true.  Visitors should not stay visitors for very long.  You should know their name, get to know them, and invite them back…and sometimes, if you do it right, they will!

  1. Day of:  Leaders & students (student leaders especially) welcome the student.  Exchange names, link up with similar ages & gender, and encourage interaction.  Have the welcome team get their information for follow-up, as non-confronting or embarrassing as possible.
    • Have something to give them that day.  Whether it be a prize or candy or whatever…as Bob Barker would say “Don’t send them home empty-handed”.
  2. 1-2 Days Later:  Pastor or leader should send out a welcome email/facebook/letter.  Make this quick, don’t wait until the student forgot where they were on Sunday or Wednesday night.  Also, send out the welcome packet as soon as possible.
    • Welcome email/letter – includes a nice note, parent packet, ministry information, and contact information
    • Welcome packet – includes visitor packet, cover letter, and some sort of prize/gadget/pet…be creative, don’t make me tell you everything.
  3. 3-5 Days Later:  Follow-up phone call

Your goal:  Get rid of the “visitor tag” by the first night.  Make them feel welcome, give them a desire to come back, and find ways to encourage them to come back.

How do you do it?  I’d love to hear ways you have been successful at getting rid of the “visitor tag”.

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